Instagram Diary: Auckland 2013

Sitting in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Lounge- Passport and Boarding Pass

The view out the plane window, the window was unbelievably dirty

The only nice day we had in AKL until our final day was spent at Browns Bay, with a fabulous view of Rangitoto

Browns Bay Starbucks- yes the spelling is wrong

The water was absolutely freezing

Christmas lights and Christmas Carols

Christmas Dinner table setting

Out for dinner on the 30th for my Aunt’s birthday, went monochrome with a pop of colour

My dinner on the 30th Fettuccine with smoked chicken and bacon

Where we went for dinner was just off Aotea Square, this building is Auckland Town Hall

on the 31st was the second day it was actually sunny all day- we didn’t fly out till the afternoon, so we stayed around home and played some card games outside, I also managed to get sunburnt which is not recommended before flying as it ends up being an extremely uncomfortable flight

I bought some noise cancelling headphones at the airport they were $68 NZD down from $127 NZD and they are actually quite good, especially when there are crying children on your flight, they have a normal phone jack but have an air adapter so they can be used on aircrafts.

The A380 that we flew on, AKL Airport has 3 of these planes all arrive around the same time, this is two of them and the other is around on the other side of the airport. Its pretty cool to see them like this as they are so big and the only other place you could ever see them lined up like that is in Dubai. Our plane is the closest one in the image at gate 15. We arrived at around 9 Brisbane time, but I did not stay awake to see the fireworks, but Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for the coming year.


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