The Weekend: Palazzo Versace

Over the weekend Mum and I went to Palazzo Versace and stayed for Friday and Saturday night. The hotel itself is extremely beautiful and all the staff at the hotel were so lovely and friendly. The hotel has Italian Villa decor ,which although very beautiful to me, some may find it a bit dated as it has not been refurbished in a while, the most modern part of the hotel was the pool area which was beautiful and relaxing. 

When entering the hotel you immediately see this giant window which actually looks out onto the pool area, as well as the giant chandler hanging from the ceiling.

I took these photos in the evening when there were not as many people around, and I loved the chandelier lit up and all the candles around as well.

When walking into the suite we were greeted with the tv having our names on it, and the decor was also very Italian.

The package that Mum had got through work, meant that we had a pool cabana for the day, we had ours on the Saturday which was great because we had a beautiful day that day.

There were two sections to the pool, the 18+ section and the main pool which has a little beach as well.

Lunch time was amazing, I had a club sandwich which was delicious, and the view when eating wasn’t too bad either.

The rest of the pool area, included more cabana’s and sun lounges

Breakfast the next morning. Breakfast every morning is a buffet. I had a pancakes, some bacon, a caramelised banana and a jam donut, as well as a berry smoothie and a chocolate danish- yes this is a lot, but we ate slowly.

The stay we had at Palazzo Versace was amazing and so relaxing,  I would recommend it for anyone staying on the Gold Coast.
Photos: All taken by me.


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