Eat Street

Food, Food, Food is all I seem to think about and when its an eatery as cool as this one I had to share.

Eat Street is about bringing the culture back to food and located on Hamilton Wharf on Brisbane River it does exactly that. Home to an array of cuisines including Greek, Italian, Latin, Mexican, Spanish and even Hungarian, as well as vendors who serve Fish ‘n’ Chips, Pancakes, Cronuts, Cupcakes, Sweets, Popcorn there is something for everyone of every age. Only open on Friday and Saturday’s from 4pm till 10pm and now also Thursday nights until December 18th, it gets insanely busy, but somehow the longest you’ll ever wait is about 15-20 minutes (unless parking that wait could be longer).

There are three main eating areas all with roof’s strung with fairy lights.  Eat Street also houses market stalls that sell clothes, trinkets, candles and wax melts and vintage finds.

These are candle holders that are made out of wax. The one above we actually bought, and has actual shells and fake starfish in it which gives a really cool effect when reflecting the light.

We also bought another one, which the one above and its really beautiful as the orange and the candle light makes the holder look like its on fire.

So when it came to take photos of my dinner I was so hungry that I actually forgot and then desert I also forgot to take a photo of the desert I had there, but we picked up one of these to take home.

My favourite part of Eat Street isn’t the dinner foods, but the deserts. We had these Runaway sponge deserts in the flavour red velvet which had red velvet sponge, butter cream and salted caramel sauce all nicely layered in a candle jar. We also had chocolate mousse, with honeycomb that had been in nitrogen so the texture was very different to normal honeycomb


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