Fly, Fly, Fly Away

For some reason flying is one of my favourite things to do, recently mum and I went back to New Zealand to visit family. We were headed back to Auckland for a quick visit, when Mum surprised me with a business class ticket instead of an economy ticket, flying business made getting up at 5am so much easier.  Flying Emirates is always a great experience, but flying business is so much nicer. As usual the staff were all friendly and but business is so much more comfortable than economy- with more leg room, a bigger seat and a larger tv screen.

We started the morning in the business class lounge, with French Toast, yoghurt, fruit, Lindt chocolate and Champagne for breakfast.

IMG_1372  IMG_1371IMG_1374

After spending roughly 2 hours in the business lounge, it was time to board, at Brisbane you can board business class directly from the lounge as they have a gate upstairs.
 The T.V much bigger than in economy but still has the same movies, shows and games.  A snippet of my breakfast which involved fruit, a bread roll, a croissant and yoghurt for the first course and then the hot course was ricotta crepes with stewed apples and raisins in a caramel sauce which were delicious.

The seat comes with a fully stocked bar, that has soft drink, juice, mineral water and still water. As well as socks and an eye mask. The iPad is also there to control the seat, so you can do anything from turn on a light, make you seat recline, to changing the volume on the T.V and you can even put the communications channel on the iPad and watch where the plane is and have something different on the T.V. The seat itself is a bigger than the economy seats but not by much, its more the extra leg room, space and the ability to turn the seat into a bed that is the difference.

Both ways the food was excellent,on the way home it was dinner that was served, so mum had a piece of beef in a red wine jus with vegetables and sweet potato.

I had duck in a honey soy sauce with noodles, and stir-fry vegetables. The entree for both meals was smoked salmon and potato salad and two bread rolls.

For desert mum had a cheese platter.

And I had a chocolate and blackberry tart and it was delicious.

Business on the A380 also has a sneaky little extra at the back of the plane, a fully stocked bar. Which you can go to to stretch your legs, get a drink or even a snack as they have some sandwiches, rolls, sweets, fruit and nuts.

It is always such a pleasure flying with Emirates whether in business or in economy, the service on board the aircraft is amazing and the flight attendants are always more than happy to help.


p.s Apologies for the image quality of some of the images, my phone camera is crap

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