Welcome to ‘An Idyllic Life’

So I have been wracking my brain as to what to write for this post for the past 2 weeks and so  sitting down and finally writing it, feels a little weird. There have obviously been some major changes from my old blog, on blogger Tullulah, An Idyllic Life will be a similar, it is still a journal documenting fashion, beauty, food and travels as I go through my degree and work out where I want to go in life. This project is something I want to be proud of  and proud to share, where previously I wasn’t and it was more me just mucking around and getting a feel for blogging. 2015 is a big year for me travel wise, at the end of January myself and two of my best friends from high school are going on a cruise and then in June/July my family and I are going to Italy and Greece for a month, and I will most likely share both of these trips, especially so my family can see what I’m up to when I’m not with them.

When I had to decide on a day for An Idyllic Life to launch, the 1st seemed fitting considering it’s a new start for my blog and what better way to start the New Year.


So, Welcome to An Idyllic Life, to read more about me and more about what An Idyllic Life means, then check out the About page


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  1. Hiya, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂 you can check out what to do if you want to get involved here: https://ohrebeccaa.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/liebster-award/ xo


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