Beach Essentials


The sun finally came out for more than a couple of hours today in Brisbane and I finally managed to shoot these Seafolly Bikinis.  I have 2 Seafolly Bikinis and they are both great. I was drawn to Seafolly because they cater for girls who have a bigger bust, in most collections there is always one style that is suitable for girls who have a D-F sized bust, or if there is a style that if you go up a size then it will still fit. IMG_4932

The first of my Seafolly bikinis is this one from the 2013/14 collection Bella Rose. The top is in the Bustier style and  is in my bra size so fits great, clips at the back and has adjustable straps. I also have the matching Ruched Panel Retro style bottoms, I prefer these as they offer more coverage , so they aren’t high waisted but they aren’t normal bikini bottoms either, they come somewhere in the middle.


The second of my Seafolly bikinis is this one from the 2014/15 collection Inked Stripe. I have the high necked tank top, this one doesn’t come in bra sizes so I had to go up a size so that it fit. This one is great if your moving more in the water as it doesn’t move, it also has a more sporty aesthetic which I love. Again the bottoms are the ruched panel retro ones, but in the inked strip pattern. IMG_4924

It is important to not that the bottoms do stretch at least half a size so I went down a size in them, and then as I’ve worn them they have stretched to fit really well. IMG_4920  The only two products that I use when I head to the beach or pool are sunscreen and perfume, my current summer perfume is ‘Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino’. The Sunscreen I have here is the Australia Cancer Council SPF50+ Sport, as its great for water sports, it does say its water resistant for up to 4 hours, but you should always reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours and at least 30 minutes before getting in the water to allow it to sink into the skin. IMG_4930Obviously sun safety is super important, so I always wear sunglasses, mine are prescription as I always have to wear glasses, but they are also polarised so when I wear them everything is in normal colour instead of tinged black like normal sunnies. I also have a cover-up this one is a simple shirt dress from Glassons and I also have a hat but when I shot these the wind was blowing like crazy so I didn’t include out of fear it would end up in the pool.



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