Pacific Island Photo Diary

IMG_4980 IMG_4979 IMG_4978 IMG_4989IMG_4996IMG_4993 IMG_4995IMG_4999 IMG_5001IMG_5004IMG_5003IMG_5021IMG_5028            IMG_5039IMG_5064IMG_1761    IMG_5102IMG_5123 IMG_5121 IMG_5117


1,2,3:  The waves that formed where the ocean and the reef met as we sailed into Noumea, New Caledonia. 4:  La Conception Church in Noumea, or ‘The Miracle Church’ as the locals call it due to all the miracles that have occurred from praying to Mary at the church. 5,6,7:  Inside the Church each window was stained glass, and each portrayed a different scene. 8,9:  The views of the reef off of Noumea at the Ouen Toro Lookout, which is also home to a World War II Memorial. 10,11:  The city of Noumea from the FOL Lookout. 12,13: The City of Noumea from FOL Lookout .  14, 15:  The island of Lifou, which is an island among a group of islands called Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia. As the ships cannot dock at Lifou they tendered us in on the lifeboats, it took about 10-15 minutes from the ship to the dock. 16:  Lifou was really beautiful, the water was so clear it was almost like glass. Out of all of our stops on the cruise Lifou was my favourite. 17:  The late afternoon sun in Lifou. 18,19,20:  Taken on the ship of Port Vila, Vanuatu



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  1. Beautiful photos, love how scenic they are.



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