Birthdays and Mondays


I’ve never really been a birthday person, sure I love cake and presents. But I wasn’t really ever a birthday party person. I left the birthday parties to my best friend in primary school, with whom I shared a birthday. I didn’t really mind though, she threw great parties.

This year my birthday falls on a Monday. I’m not really a Monday person either. In High School I had most of my worst subjects on a Monday and even now in University my Monday is not my favourite days to go in (3 hour lectures are not my favourite thing to sit through).

Today I enter my last year of being a teenager on my least favourite day of the week. But I’m not dreading this Monday although I can’t say I’m looking forward to sitting through a 3 hour lecture either, then hanging around for a group meeting. Perhaps I’m just starting to get used to Mondays, getting used to might be going a step too far, tolerating might be better. I’m not too sure why I can’t get too excited about birthdays, Christmas is a completely different story, Christmas we go all out. Maybe I’ll be more excited to turn 20 or 21, 19 is that weird in between age like 17, who knows. For now, I’m happy with my homemade pizza for dinner and spending time with my family.

P.S. If you want to watch us make pizza, I’ll be on snapchat @taylarmitchell


These images are from yesterday when we went out for lunch. We headed out to a restaurant in Titirangi, called Deco Eatery, would recommend if your in the area.IMG_6667 IMG_6670




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