Hello and welcome to An Idyllic Life,  personal diary of travel, fashion, beauty and food, just a few of my favourite things. I’m Tayla and you will probably being seeing a lot of me around these parts of the inter webs so I thought I had better introduce myself. I am 18, I live in Brisbane and am studying Media and Communication at the Queensland University of Technology (or QUT). I love to travel and see the world and experience new cultures and am excited to be able to document them on here. I also love food- especially desert so if desert is missing from any of my food posts its because I forgot to photograph it before I tucked in and devoured it (oops….). I love fashion and seeing what people where and drawing inspiration from other people, so I am going to start doing outfit posts, its just a little nerve-wracking putting yourself out there like that, through my travel and food posts, you don’t actually see me, where as in my outfit posts you will so I’m just a little nervous so bear with me-they will be coming soon, I promise.

2015 is hopefully going to be an awesome year and I am super excited to share it with you on An Idyllic Life, so take a look around and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.



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